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Puppy Class: Learning Lifeskills

"I first met Kate when my Cockerpoo puppy, Orla, was 10 weeks old. We had a 1 to 1 session at home. She was an absolute inspiration and taught me more in that hour than I would have thought possible!

Kate showed me different foods and as a result I switched to raw food, which helped with toilet training straight away and helped to sort out Orla's upset tummy! I learnt about certain behaviours (some of which I didn't know existed) and how to prevent them, for example how to teach Orla to enjoy her own company, which means I can leave her at home without her getting anxious and stressed - vital as I work! In fact she gets excited for her kong when she realises it's a work day! I learnt how to prevent barking, guarding, jumping up and how to teach Orla to travel happily in a car, how to make tasty treats and implement boredom busters. I also learned how to make feeding fun, so that it's not all over in 2 seconds!

Kate introduced me to recall training, which I started immediately. As a result Orla will always come to a whistle, even when she is about to chase sheep! I am always amazed at what exciting temptation she will leave in order to respond to a whistle, and it's all due to Kate's fantastic advice and support!

We also attended puppy training classes, which were extremely informative, relaxed, friendly and above all, fun! We taught the puppies body awareness with 'mini'-agility and clicker training, an amazing way to communicate! The puppy classes gave us an opportunity to meet other puppies and learn practical skills, and the 1 to 1 helped avoid problem behaviours developing in the first place e.g. we didn't have to 'undo' jumping up.

Orla is nearly a year old and has been a truly wonderful addition to our family. She is confident, friendly, happy and relaxed (when needed to be!), and we adore her! I cannot recommend Kate highly enough! She has opened my eyes to a whole new world! Thanks for everything!

Sara Taylor & Orla, Devon, UK

ABCs of Great K9 Communication: Level 1 Learning your alphabet


"I feel I am learning so much on this course and it has far exceeded my expectations. In fact I had my doubts about doing an online course but I think it works well for me. Talking of latent learning, I definitely benefit from having more time around everything and time to reflect! I feel very supported by the forums and it's lovely to have a sense of the other students burrowing away in different corners of the world, thinking about target sticks and dilemmas in training. It's so helpful just knowing that you are all out there.

I find the quality of the teaching and the feedback from Kate and Natalia of a really high standard. They are both very perceptive and also very kind and helpful in their responses. I just wanted to thank you for everything."

All the very best to you
Caroline Howitt & Doodle, Granda, Spain

Online private tuition


"What I enjoy the most with Private Tuition is that I can study both theory and train my dog at the same time. Kate Mallatratt shares very generously from her experience, in a way that I can evolve in my own understanding of dog training and meet my dog's individual needs. Kate's teaching is very valuable to me. I explain my needs, we make a personal plan together, and Kate offers her guidance until I reach my goal. Personal Solutions Private Tuition with Kate Mallatratt is something I highly recommend to all those who wish to understand their best friend's mind."

Christina Friberg & Kavat, Kalmar, Sweden

Puppy classes

James & Skye

"My Names is James. I own a collie dog called Skye. She is a very shy dog, so I needed to take her to someone who could help me to train and most importantly somebody who could help train me to better understand my dog’s behavior and how I could control her when out and about. Kate helped me to get the best from my dog. I found Kate’s teaching methods easy to understand and all her information on nutrition very informative.

I would recommend her to anyone who has owned dogs before and new dog owners too!"

Kind regards
James and Skye, Pocklington, UK

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