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What to bring

Please bring:

  • treats* (in a suitable container with a lid)
  • toy and stuffed Kong
  • water bowl and water
  • pooh bags
  • a blanket for your dog to settle on

*Please bring some food for your dog to use as a reinforcer (treat).  Dried treats alone are not suitable.  Preferred foods include sandwich ham or chicken chopped into 1 cm squares (smaller if necessary, depending upon the size of your dog) or tins of chopped ham.  A variety of foods is good.  You will get through a large number of treats during the class as all the training is reward based,  therefore the smaller and less filling the better.  Please choose bland foods that are not likely to upset your dog’s stomach.  Richer foods such as cheese can be used in moderation.  You may like to bake your own liver cake or sardine cake, and you can find recipes here.


You may bring a crate for your dog to settle in when he is not working.  He must, however, be able to settle quietly either in his crate or in the car without barking.  If you feel your dog may not be comfortable in a workshop environment or is likely to disrupt the class, or if you are simply not sure, please contact me for advice beforehand.

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