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“It’s marvellous! Sophie, my Golden Retriever, loves it! It takes her a while to get the biscuits out and she can forage lying down, important as she is in rehab. It’s brilliant – ideal for her! How very, very clever. Honestly, the Pickpocket is one of the best things she has tried. And the cats like it too – if you ping the pockets you can make the biscuits dance, which they love!” 

Sherri Steel, Pocklington, East Yorkshire, UK


Decided already that your dog would love a Pickpocket?


Dogs love to forage for food! We eat from a plate, however our dogs prefer to search for their dinner and treats using their powerful sense of smell. The Pickpocket was designed by a pet owner and canine behaviourist with this in mind, and combines exciting foraging with a crate-hanging fabric feeder. The Pickpocket can be used as a floor foraging mat, too.


    • ideal for dogs on restricted exercise
    • excellent for crate training
    • marvellous for anxious dogs (foraging is calming)
    • useful for training & distraction from unwanted behaviour
    • recommended by behaviourists & vets
    • fabulous for puppy development
    • suitable for dogs with sensory impairment
  • perfect mental stimulation for golden oldies

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Who is the Pickpocket suitable for?

The Pickpocket is suitable for most dogs and puppies for mental stimulation and emotional well-being, and is especially therapeutic for dogs on restricted exercise, for senior dogs or those with sensory impairment. Foraging can help to calm anxious dogs.

“A MUST HAVE! As a canine behaviourist I am always looking for new products to help my clients’ dogs. The Pickpocket is a superb interactive feeder for dogs where they forage for treats. This mental stimulation is so important for all dogs and especially for those that cannot be exercised for medical reasons. The Pickpocket is versatile as it can be hung in a crate (useful for dogs on crate rest or for crate training) or placed on the floor. Perfect for puppies too. Highly recommended!”

Brigitte Barton, Chair & Education officer – International Canine Behaviourists | www.icb.global


How can the Pickpocket be used for training?

    • Grooming – encourage your dog to forage while you brush him
    • Husbandry – distract your dog while you trim nails and inspect him
    • Distraction – use to interrupt unwanted behaviour such as barking
  • Crate training – hang in your dog’s crate for foraging fun!

Can my dog be left alone with a Pickpocket?

It is not recommended you leave your dog or puppy alone with a Pickpocket. All dogs should be under strict supervision and the product could cause blockage and possibly fatality if ingested. Please seek urgent veterinary advice if you have any concerns.

“My 9 month old border collie Thessie loves her Pickpocket! It keeps her occupied and mentally stimulates her. As we work with NoseWork this will help her learn to use her nose even better. As a behaviourist I strongly recommend this product to all dog owners.”

David Svennelid, Trainer & Behaviourist – Swedish Dog Academy | www.swedishdogacademy.com


Care of your Pickpocket

Your Pickpocket is fully machine washable at 40° and can be tumble dried on a cool setting.

Happy pickpocketing!


Kate Mallatratt A Dip CBM, ICB, PPG
Canine Behaviourist | www.contemplatingcanines.com
t 07875 951632 | e kate@contemplatingcanines.com