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Paws ‘n’ claws

Oscar tail2toesWe offer a Paws ‘n’ Claws and Tail2Toe grooming service .  Untrimmed feet look unkempt and mats can form between the toes and under the pads. Excessive coat between paws can trap moisture and cause skin irritation and it can also catch burrs, thorns, grass seeds, tar or gum etc as well as causing the toes to splay out.  Untrimmed feet also bring more dirt and mud into an owner’s house.  Nails should always be kept short, long claws (especially dew claws) can curl into the pad or leg causing pain.  Long nails can affect posture and if you can hear them tapping on the floor they are ready for a trim.

Our Paws ‘n’ Claws grooming service tidies your dog’s paws, trims the fur between his toes and his pads and clips his nails.  Your dog will also have a groom.  Our Tail2Toe grooming service includes all this plus a tail trim and ear tidy.  

Pictures of an untrimmed and trimmed English Springer Spaniel front paw and pad.

Untrimmed paw

Trimmed paw

Untrimmed pad

Trimmed pad

Your dog must be clean for our grooming service and he should be brought regularly every six weeks.  Your dog should be left for an hour to allow us to spend time with him so he learns to relax and be pampered!  This service is not suitable for breeds that need regular coat maintenance.


Paws ‘n’ Claws is £10 per dog.  Tail2Toe is £15 per dog.

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