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Online Clicker Training Courses

Contemplating Canines offers the following online learning:

Free Courses in the learning club

Do you want to want to learn more about dog training and behaviour?  For the learning enthusiast we offer free membership of the learning club. This is a series of articles, posts and short videos on training and behaviour focusing on best practice for clicker training and errorless learning.  Membership is free.

Paid Courses in the learning club

Do you want to increase you skills and knowledge about training and behaviour?  For the training enthusiast we offer paid membership of the learning club. This includes all of the above plus learning support.  Learning support includes one email per topic per month relating to any blog.  Cost is £15 per month.

If you require feedback for specific training or behaviour modification issues, we recommend private tuition.  This includes video assessment and learning support.

Private tuition

1-2-1 e-Clicker Solutions Private Tuition  These classes are ideal for students requiring feedback and video assessment. They are also available for groups of students who are working towards a common training goal.

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