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Online Private Tuition

 1-2-1 e-Clicker Solutions Private Tuition


“What I enjoy the most with Private Tuition is that I can study both theory and train my dog at the same time. Kate Mallatratt shares very generously from her experience, in a way that I can evolve in my own understanding of dog training and meet my dog’s individual needs. Kate’s teaching is very valuable to me. I explain my needs, we make a personal plan together, and Kate offers her guidance until I reach my goal. Personal Solutions Private Tuition with Kate Mallatratt is something I highly recommend to all those who wish to understand their best friend’s mind.”
Christina Friberg & Kavat, Kalmar, Sweden 

Finding solutions to your training problems isn’t always easy.  Do you have a behaviour that you are struggling to teach?  Did you think your dog had learned what you had hoped, when in fact his understanding was completely different?  Do you want some help and feedback to improve your training skills?  Perhaps you are teaching a concept which is baffling you, or want to learn how to merge or chain behaviours.  If so, personal tuition with 1-2-1 Clicker Solutions is just for you!

Contemplating Canines offers personal tuition online with Kate Mallatratt.  Kate has a number of years’ experience as a teacher and assessor.  She can offer you advice and feedback on your videos to move your training to a new level.  Kate’s particular areas of interest are teaching for successful learning outcomes and error-avoidance.

How does it work?

Video is an extremely powerful tool for learning.  You will be asked to upload a video showing a demonstration of your training skills and what you are hoping to achieve.  This will be assessed and constructive feedback via email will be given to help you move your training forward. Feedback will be given on a number of different areas to educate you and improve your teaching skills.  Together we will take your training to a new level.

Please enquire for further details. Tuition is £25 per hour.

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