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One-to-one Personal Puppy Consultation

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Building foundation skills for life!

**A free nail trim is included in your puppy consultation in the comfort of your own home.**

One-to-one puppy consultations take place in your own home.  You are given breed-specific advice tailored to meet your new puppy’s individual needs.  One-to-one puppy consultations are suitable for anyone who wants to give their puppy the best start in life!  They are particularly suitable for puppies who are shy or may be overwhelmed by puppy classes, or for owners who cannot manage weekly classes due to personal commitments.

A Personal Puppy Consultation in your own home including comprehensive puppy pack and ongoing support by telephone/email is £50.  One-to-one puppy consultations consist of an initial one hour home visit when you will receive an informative puppy pack and some homework exercises to practice.  This is followed by a one hour visit two weeks’ apart, when we will go on a social walk and practice your recall training that will be your homework from your first visit!

Your Personal Puppy Consultation and Puppy Pack covers:

  • boredom busters
  • car travel
  • diet and nutrition
  • jumping up
  • biting
  • house training
  • home alone
  • suitable games and play
  • reacting to experiences and appropriate socialisation
  • grooming
  • guarding
  • reliable recall
  • loose lead walking

Establishing guidelines early when your puppy first arrives home means that he has not had several weeks of practicing – and strengthening – the behaviours you don’t want.  You
 are not then ironing out the creases, the unwanted behaviours, that have been rehearsed for several weeks.  Everyone in the household – four-pawed and two – is practicing getting it right from the start!

Personal Puppy Consultations place the emphasis on prevention being better than cure.  As a qualified behaviourist, I deal with cases where things have sadly gone wrong and I understand how stressful this can be.  I am able to identify early warning signs of problems developing and explain breed-specific traits, and discuss how early training can avoid potential issues.  These could be an over-attachment leading to separation anxiety in future or a tendency to guard.  

You will learn foundation skills to prepare your puppy for life.  One of the first skills you will learn is how to teach a reliable recall.  Even though your puppy comes back now, he may not as he grows up.  Think of a child of five being clingy and needing mum; then think of the same child as a teenager when the outside world has become much more exciting!  Advice on appropriate socialisation – not over socialisation –  will be given.  Many people bring their puppy to class to socialise him, without giving any thought as to what this means, who they wish their puppy to interact with, how friendly they want him to be and what they wish their dog to ignore.  If we teach our puppy to be over friendly with everything, we can’t expect him to stop going up to every dog or person in the park as he grows up.  

Booking an early puppy consultation makes puppyhood a much more enjoyable experience for you and your dog!


£50 for 1.5 – 2 hour consult with comprehensive puppy booklet.

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