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about PickPockets

Dogs love to forage for food!

We eat from a plate, however our dogs love to search for their food using their powerful sense of smell. PickPockets were designed by a pet owner and canine behaviourist with this in mind, and combine exciting foraging with a fabric feeder.  PickPockets can be hung from a crate with ties, or simply be placed on the floor as a foraging mat.

nose work facts

A dog’s sense of smell is over 10,000 times the strength of ours

A dog’s olfactory bulb (which processes scent) is the size of a plumb compared to ours, the size of a raisin

Scent can evoke strong emotions and scent memory lasts a lifetime

A dog’s nose is wet because moisture holds the scent molecules better

When dogs lick the air, they often do this to capture scent



Who is the PickPocket suitable for?

The PickPocket is suitable for most dogs and puppies for mental stimulation and emotional well-being. It is especially therapeutic for dogs on restricted exercise, for senior dogs or those with sensory impairment, and foraging can help to calm anxious dogs.

What are PickPockets useful for?

Husbandry - occupy your dog while you groom, trim nails and inspect ears etc

Distraction - encourage foraging to interrupt unwanted behaviour such as barking

Crate training - hang in your dog’s crate for foraging fun!

Can my dog be alone with a PickPocket?

It is not recommended you leave your dog or puppy alone with a PickPocket. All dogs should be supervised and some very determined dogs may destroy or ingest fabric if left unsupervised. Please seek veterinary advice if you have any concerns.

How do I first introduce a PickPocket?

Clever dogs may paw, bite or shake the PickPocket to reach the treats. To teach foraging skills:

  1. Lay the PickPocket on the floor with the pockets facing your dog, and open each one to form a dome. Hide treats for your dog to find - you can lure your dog to the pocket by holding a treat 1cm from his nose for him to follow and then placing the treat in the pocket.
  2. As 1. but flatten the pockets to make access harder.
  3. Tie the PickPocket to a crate, pull the pockets open and hide treats in the two lower rows of pockets. Finally, hide treats in all the pockets with them flattened down.


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Don't take it from us, hear what our customers have to say...

A MUST HAVE! I am always looking for new products to help my clients’ dogs. The PickPocket is a superb interactive feeder providing mental stimulation, especially important for dogs on restricted exercise for medical reasons. Highly recommended!

Brigitte Barton
chair & education officer International Canine Behaviourists

It’s marvellous! Sophie, my Golden Retriever, loves it! PickPocket is one of the best things she has tried - and the cats like it too!

Sherri Steel
pet owner 
East Yorkshire, UK

My dogs love the PickPocket! They are perfect to keep noses busy, and as a veterinary nurse I can see their value for dogs on crate rest, restricted exercise or recovering from orthopaedic surgery. With a PickPocket your dog can ‘exercise’ with his nose!

Nikki Caddick
registered veterinary nurse
Trained to Pawfection  www.trainedtopawfection.co.uk

My 9 month old border collie Thessie loves her PickPocket! It keeps her occupied and mentally stimulates her, and will help improve her nose work skills in preparation for competition. As a behaviourist I strongly recommend this product to all dog owners.

David Svennelid,
Trainer & behaviourist
Swedish Dog Academy  www.swedishdogacademy.com

The young puppies in my class LOVED exploring the PickPocket with their nose - one even had some of their evening meal in it. In my grooming salon, the Pickpocket made puppy Angel’s first visit really enjoyable as she was happily emptying the pockets whilst I was combing her.

Karen Backhouse
APDT trainer & groomer
Guiding Paws Training

Dixie, my German Shepherd, has never been a fan of being groomed but I hid her dinner in her new PickPocket and she was happy to stand and be groomed. I love a product that makes life easy for me and my dogs! Great idea!


Clare Williams
Chief Executive
National Animal Welfare Trust

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