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Kate & Phoebe

Kate is Contemplating Canines founder and teacher. Her vision is to bring together a community of dog lovers to inspire learning. She brings a wealth of experience to her online tutoring and ‘real world’ classes.

A love of spending time in the company of dogs first began when Kate walked a neighbour’s Golden Retriever as a young adult. When working as a Kennel Assistant for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Kate met the late John Fisher who piqued her interest in behaviour and training with more positive methods, and her learning journey has continued ever since.

Kate is a founder member of the International Canine Behaviourists and member of the Pet Professional Guild; both organisations promote force-free training. Kate holds an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management (with distinction) from Compass Education Ltd and Teachers’ Diploma and Certificate in Puppy Education from Learning About Dogs Ltd. She was assistant animal trainer on ITV’s “Teach my pet to do that” presented by Alexander Armstrong.

Kate runs online courses and clicker training/life skill workshops as well as undertaking puppy consultations and problem behaviour consultations. She is an experienced clicker training assessor, writes regular columns on behaviour and training for magazines, and has authored a book on preventing separation anxiety.

Kate’s area of special interest lies in errorless learning and clicker training. Her other interests include problem prevention and enriching the environment for the dog in the family home, the health and welfare of dogs from a nutritional perspective, and feeding dogs a raw diet. She takes a holistic approach to the management of her own dogs, treating them using homeopathy, chiropractic and titre testing rather than vaccinating regularly.

Along with her husband Paul, Kate is guardian to four dogs: Golden Retrievers Mabel and daughter Phoebe, a blue merle Border Collie Merlin, and an English Springer Spaniel Oscar.  She enjoys long walks with the dogs and escaping to the beach as often as possible!

2016 Membership Certificate PPGBI

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