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Oscar aged 16

In May 2018 we said goodbye to our best friend and soul dog, Oscar. He was 17.5 years young when renal disease finally took him. But Oscar was not your average English Springer Spaniel and up until a month before he passed (after a fall) he was enjoying life to the full, with boundless energy and a joie de vivre that was beyond awesome.

Oscar was a great teacher and I learned much from him, especially how avoiding processed kibble supported his health. He was fed a raw diet for many years and latterly a vegetarian diet (vet recommended for health issues). Our focus was on optimum nutrition as disease prevention, homeopathy rather than drugs and titre testing instead of vaccination. His holistic lifestyle gave him a quality of life beyond anything I imagined possible in his senior years.

Oscar at 16.5 years enjoying a run on the beach



Career experts advise you to avoid talking about religion and politics as it divides opinions and ignites passionate debates; I might add dog food to this list! I have fed kibble, raw and vegetarian and I have found fresh wholefoods suit my dogs better than dry processed ‘complete’ foods based on empirical evidence. After much research the companies I buy products from are chosen for their food quality, ethics and treatment of animals. These include:


My behaviour consults include a discussion on nutrition to support clients in making an informed decision on what to feed their beloved pets, in conjunction with their own veterinarians. I share what has worked for my dogs to help educate clients when researching foods and to give them enough knowledge to ask the right questions. This information is not a substitute for veterinary care or intended to treat any disease, and any dietary changes must be discussed with your own veterinarian.

If you would like to discuss diet and what optimum nutrition for your dog entails, please book a nutrition consult. Please note Kate cannot advise individual dietary changes or specific health issues.

Wishing your dog good health!