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Separation Anxiety Prevention Consultations

Separation anxiety, when a dog is terrified of being alone, causes a lot of suffering. Sometimes we are not aware of this until a neighbour complains about a dog barking, or we come home to find the house damaged. But some dogs suffer in silence, becoming withdrawn and depressed when we leave. They are still suffering, just not in such a destructive way.

Separation Anxiety Prevention Consultations are for owners who want their dogs to be content on their own. Ideally, this should be taught from puppyhood and in older dogs before any problems arise. Perhaps you have just taken on a rescue dog that you feel may need some support.

Prevention is better than cure! Learn how you can help your dog to be happy when home alone and how you can create a learning environment that teaches him to be a well-behaved family member.

Includes a free copy of Kate’s book Home Alone – and Happy!


£75 for 1.5 hour consultation